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Casual selfie wiv ma dog


You guys should all check out yep-that-tasted-purple, a great league blog run by awesome people!



Fuckin made my night.


I fucking love these two, and I fucking love hot fuzz

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Game of Thrones' Tormund Giantsbane Finally Cuts His Beard

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Night out in Edinburgh last night with the Andy’s. 

We went to this really neat little place called the secret arcade (or secret polish bar, I’m not sure which was its actual name). They served all kinds of crazy vodka shots and vodka based cocktails but the thing that sold me was the beer.


Fortnite Screens



We take Harry Potter very seriously here in Britain.

I just quite like the assumption that Hugh Dennis is a Hufflepuff

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8 out of 10 things in this city are crimes anyway

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I know him. The small one. His name is Polliver. He captured us and took us to Harrenhal. He killed Lommy.

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Two Swords

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